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--- Comment #2 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
There are subtle differences in how the operating system and window manager
will render text--e.g. handling the font metrics for font height and leading,
likewise font ligatures and OTF/Graphite smart font features. Could have some
impact here.

But start with a direct examination of the document. You can do it with a "Zip"
utility--an ODF archive is just a .zip file; but you'd have to spend a little
more time figuring out the folder structure and configuration.

Work against a copy of the original, and from LO 6.4.4 or 7.0.0 'save as' Flat
ODF. That will allow you to conveniently examine the various formatting in the
document with a text editor like NotePad++ or similar.

Likewise you can install in parallel [1] one of the older LO release builds
[2]. With that accomplished, again open a copy of the original in that
build--and save as Flat ODF.

You can then examine the text spans and ODF structure side-by-side for any
differences in formatting or styles that may be affecting layout in current
builds of LibreOffice

Good luck and let us know what you find, or if you need more assistance.


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