--- Comment #3 from Piotr <> ---
Thanks a lot Stuart.
I know about .zip files, use this feature on daily basis, easier to copy styles
or changing colors in files.

Will let you know what N++ says :)

Regarding system/rendering. So far, if it is open in older version, 5x or so,
works fine.
Also, if it is open in OpenOffice Writer, 4.1.7, also fine on Win 10 and 8.1.
Therefore, the only changing factor is the software itself, not system
rendering, graphic card and so on.
Hence, this part you can consider clear: the system/hardware does not influence
this change. It is sofware rendering, I believe. If so, there should be an
official warning then:
"As of XXX version you can loose some of your formatting" or so.

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