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(In reply to Andras Timar from comment #25)
> Hi Federico,
> Let me document how you can find all occurrences of 'hyperlink' in the UI,
> it's the detailed explanation of my comment 7. 
> First of all, I assume you have the source tree checked out. 
> 1. make l10ntools.all
> 2. make translations
> 3. cd workdir/pot
> 4. grep -r msgid * | grep -v help | tr -d '_' | tr -d '~' | grep -i hyperlink
>    a. you grep for en-US strings
>    b. you ignore help for the time being
>    c. you remove _ and ~ characters which are markers for access keys
>    d. you grep for the word hyperlink
> As of now, it gives 17 occurrences. One of them is not to be replaced, it is
> the HYPERLINK spreadsheet function in formula module. You can open each pot
> file, and find the hyperlink word. For example:
>     vi sw/uiconfig/swriter/ui.pot
> You will find:
>     #. cEgTe
>     #: notebookbar_groups.ui
>     msgctxt ""
>     "notebookbar_groups.ui\n"
>     "hyperlink\n"
>     "label\n"
>     "string.text"
>     msgid "Hyperlink"
>     msgstr ""
> Now you know, that you have to replace this string in
> sw/uiconfig/swriter/ui/notebookbar_groups.ui. 
> If you have time, you can go for the help, too. You will get 211 hits in
> helpcontent2 and swext (providing that you configured LibreOffice building
> --with-help, and you have the helpcontent2 submodule).
> grep -r msgid * | grep help | tr -d '_' | tr -d '~' | grep -i hyperlink

Thank you so much Andras for the How-to...

i follow your suggest and i change the occurences...
but i don't change this files:


because the msgid is "insert as hyperlink" and there is already one "insert as
i change this anyway?

i change alse "Links" in "Resources"

i'll wait yours suggest and the review!

for the help i'll work...

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