On Tue, 2011-07-05 at 09:32 +0200, Cor Nouws wrote:
> Hi James,
> James wrote (05-07-11 07:56)
> > When you turn on the "Style And Formatting" win with F11 in Writer, is
> > it supposed to be open in Calc?
> > I find it very annoying to be on in Calc.
> > It is very useful in Writer but not very in Calc.
> When Styles and Formatting is open in one type of document, and you 
> open/start another (type of) document, the window will be shown too.
> The same applies for the Navigator.
> Whether you like the Stylist in Calc or not, of course is a personal 
> thing. But indeed one could argue that showing it with opening a 
> document, should be bound to the specific module.

Yeah, this bugged me for ages. Personally I'd like the style and
formatting window in different modules like writer and calc to use
different per-module settings for their position, docked/non-docked and
shown/non-shown. As you say styles and formatting is far more useful in
writer than calc, and I like styles and formatting to be shown and
docked in writer, but not shown in calc by default, and when I do want
to see it there I would like it to be a normal floating window.

The settings for position and things like that end up in (in master) in
(and/or similar path on different operating systems)

sfx2/source/dialog/dockwin.cxx should be the generic underlying
implementation for dockable windows like these.

The Styles and Formatting dialog should be in
sfx2/source/dialog/templdlg.cxx I think (?)


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