On 22.02.2018 14:14, Robert Marcano wrote:
On 02/22/2018 07:10 AM, Michael Stahl wrote:
On 21.02.2018 16:55, Robert Marcano wrote:
3- Now both processes should be using GTK2, but the problems with
keyboard input is a blocker

that sounds like a bug somewhere.  (unlikely to get fixed any time soon
given this is quite an esoteric use-case.)

LibreOffice online and if IIRC the Android viewer are more invested on using LibreOfficeKit, I think I should investigate that. My knowledge of what can be done with LibreOfficeKit tell me I can have an headless process rendering to a shared buffer and use that to draw on my Java process.

Is this a better long term strategy?

Most likely, yes.  That LO-in-Java-window thing is brittle at best.
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