Hi Pattabhi,

well I can't create the extension for you. You need to get a basic understanding how LibreOffice extensions work if you want to do that work.

But why do you want to create an extension for that? If you want spell checking in Tamil, you can just provide a dictionary file. You can also provide the dictionary as an extension without code.

This page indicates there already exists a spell checker and even grammar checker for Tamil, did you check that? https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Language_support_of_LibreOffice


Am 06.03.2018 um 15:58 schrieb Pattabhi RK:
Dear Samuel,

  Sorry to disturb you with my silly problems. I am new to this libreoffice development. I went through the sample codes provided by you. I could not understand where these codes have to be used or put into the starter-extension project so that it can be customised for spellchecking task.

  In the starter project extension we have the StarterImpl.java. And I think instead of this we need to put in SampleSpellChecker.java. Now accordingly how should the RegistrationHandler.java be modified I could not understand. And similarly how should the StarterProject.idl be modified I could not understand. So towards this I thought I will build a new Extension project, as given in the page https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/JavaEclipseTuto and specify the UNO type as "XSpellChecker", so that these basic codes and .urd, .idl and types.rdb will be built by the Eclipse and I will put the code given in SpellChecker.java in the Impl.java.

  So this is where I got error of UNO type selection wizard not working. The StarterProject Extension is working well in my system and not getting any errors. So please kindly help me in knowing how and where I should modify your StarterProject extension code to put SpellChecker.java code.

 Thank you very much.


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