On 03/06/2018 03:26 PM, Samuel Mehrbrodt wrote:

>This page indicates there already exists a spell checker and even
grammar checker for Tamil

If you mean the Tamil spell checker that allegedly resides at
there is no stable release.

The spelling dictionary listed at
has a warning that it hasn't been updated since AOo 4.3.

The hyphenation dictionary listed at
has a warning that it hasn't been updated since AOo 3.4.

As far grammar checking is concerned,
https://languagetool.org/languages/ states that they are looking for a

Going by the announcements at http://thamizha.org/, it looks like that
project is dormant. I didn't delve beyond the first page.  IF it is an
active project, the home page is in desperate need of being updated.

>did you check that?

Huge disconnects between the languages that LibO claims are supported,
and the languages that are supported, are not uncommon.

Looks like I need to update
especially not all dictionary extensions can be installed in LibO 6.x.
Maybe that is the fault of the _daily build/alpha/beta/not for use
anywhere near a production environment_ version that I was doing the
testing on.

Pattabhi wrote:

>We read through Libreoffice documentation.

LibO documentation, especially in terms of l10n and i18n, is woefully

That said, I'd suggest heading over to
https://languagetool.org/development/ to work on grammar checking, and
https://hunspell.github.io/ to work on spell checking.

FWIW, I wouldn't be surprised is the spell checker and hyphenation
dictionary for AOo simply needed to be updated, and vocabulary expanded.

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