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On 11/03/18 19:04, Apurva Pavaskar wrote:
> Hi,
> Needed to ask some more things :
> -the subsequent builds will automatically be incremental right?

Yes, unless you touch some widely used header files.

> -for filing a bug/working on one : do I need to do it through bugzilla or
> gerrit? and how?

If you have found a bug, it's best to file it on bugzilla first and then submit
fixes/patches for it in gerrit (mentioning the bug number in the commit 

Regarding how, you might want to look at these:


> -how do I pull the latest changes before building my build and submitting my 
> patch?

`git pull` should be enough to pull the latest changes and rebase your current
changes on top of that.

> And there is an easy hack on Bugzilla : Bug 55410
> (https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55410)
> I wanted to fix it for KDE rather than windows, how do I file in a new bug
> (gerrit/bugzilla) and how?

Comment 16 reports that it's broken for Linux as well. Also, the bug fields
doesn't mention it to be a Window specific bug; so, no need to file a separate 

You might want to read the commit that breaks it for Linux. Did you already do
that? If yes, I think it's best to dump your findings on the bug so that others
can help you wherever you are stuck.


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