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Hallo Tomaž,
We are heavy users off the Image API so lots off code repair ahead :-)
Reading your blog comments, it is not clear for me where the Original
ImageURL (URL adress on a server) could been stored.
Can you add a aditional propterty to the graphicobject or to the graphic ?
We mostly uses a lowres images for the editing work,  the Images are not
"linked" but stays  in the document, and then just before printing we
replace the lowres images with Highres Images.
Sill we (miss) use  the graphicobject "title" property to store the Orginal
image URL's. needed to replace lowres with highres images.
Yes' I'll add a way to expose the URL that is contained inside the
XGraphic or add a new interface for that so it will be possible in the
new code to do that. Currently only VCL Graphic object has this so I
just convert XGraphic to Graphic in filters, but that's not possible
to do in extensions :)
Fine, you will complete our API with a tool to go from XGraphic to Graphic ! Can you also made something less complex for translating a storedimage to Xgraphic , now it can been done using the GraphicProvider (storing to a Tempimage) and even more complicated when use streams.

How make a Xgraphic from stored Orginal Image.

function MakeXGraphic(originalPath,B,H)
 sfile = converttoURL(originalPath)
 graphic =  getGraphicFromUrl(sFile)
storeGraphicToURL(graphic,B,H,converttoURL("C:\" & susername & "temp\GridGraphic.jpg")) xgraphic = getGraphicFromUrl(converttoURL("C:\" & susername & "temp\GridGraphic.jpg"))
 MakeXGraphic = xgraphic
end function

function getGraphicFromUrl(sFileUrl as String) as Object
  oProvider = createUnoService("com.sun.star.graphic.GraphicProvider")
  Dim oPropsIN(1)as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
  oPropsIN(0).Name  = "URL"
  oPropsIN(0).Value = sFileUrl
  oPropsIN(1).Name  = "FilterData"
  oPropsIN(1).Value = aFilterData()
  getGraphicFromUrl = oProvider.queryGraphic(oPropsIN())
end function

sub storeGraphicToURL(xgraphic,B,H,exportURL)
gProvider = createUnoService("com.sun.star.graphic.GraphicProvider")
Dim bArgs(2) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
'creating filter data
    Dim aFilterData (3) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
'properties valid for all filters
aFilterData(0).Name  = "PixelWidth"        '
aFilterData(0).Value = B
aFilterData(1).Name  = "PixelHeight"
aFilterData(1).Value = H

'filter data for the image/jpeg MediaType
aFilterData(2).Name  ="Quality"
aFilterData(2).Value = 90
aFilterData(3).Name  ="ColorMode"
aFilterData(3).Value = 0

      bArgs(0).Name = "URL"
      bArgs(0).Value = exportURL
      bArgs(1).Name = "MimeType"
      bArgs(1).Value = "image/jpeg"
      bArgs(2).Name = "FilterData"
      bArgs(2).Value = aFilterdata
end sub


Regards, Tomaž

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