On 2/14/2012 4:24 AM, Michael Meeks wrote:
Hi Taras,

        We're running into some fun performance&  development iteration
problems with LibreOffice as we plan to merge more libraries together;
and I was wondering - how does Mozilla deal with that ?

        How long does it take your developers to link / go around a development
iteration ? are you using incremental linking ? and/or is there a
different library separation for developers ? or is it basically fast to
link (even with debuginfo) :-)
Sorry, don't have a magic bullet for this.
We just suffer 30second+ link times for our main library. Apparently gold has incremental linking support on some platforms now, that might help.

        Tips&  tricks appreciated; oh - and ! thanks for your hospitality
during FOSDEM :-) great to catch up.
Always great to trade ideas with you :)

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