I'm getting:  403 Forbidden Error

Correctly downloads the tarball

After the 403 issue with 1.36 is fixed, I'll be happy to create a patch to 
update download.lst and attempt to fix any resulting issues.

However, this is an urgent issue. LODE is a key component of LO's developer 
infrastructure. It's what new users are directed to use, and existing users 
like myself are forced to update it when component levels are bumped. (I was 
forced to update as gperf-3.0.4-2 is no longer sufficient to build master.) If 
we can't get LODE working soon, we should ask the ESC for assistance. 


From: Thorsten Behrens <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 12:42 AM
To: slacka
Subject: Re: [ABANDONED] Re: Build fail on Libgpg-error on Windows with gawk 5.0

Hi Luke,

slacka wrote:
> Can we update this tarball so that new LODE installs can work again?
I've uploaded the tarball to - want
to have a go at updating the reference in download.lst (and
potentially tweaking a few patches)?


-- Thorsten
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