Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 10:52:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: L100 Audio Hiss, NIC Lockup Problems

I'm running Win98SE on a BIOS-updated L100 running at the default clock
speed, with the original hard drive.  I bought it off ebay in December
with no OS, and have had two problems develop after getting it running
stable with 98SE - both of these were not occurring at one point.

First, the Audio Hiss - I checked the microphone volume, and it is muted.
If I mute the speaker, the hiss goes away.  I think I have managed to get
this to stop in another fashion at one point, but it always comes back
when I reboot.  The hiss is proportional to the main volume control.  Any
thoughts?  I would just assume it's the fault of a bad sound chip, but I
really think I have seen it stop, before.

Second, my PCMCIA NIC (10 BaseT XJack) now locks up the Libretto whenever
I insert it.  If I have the card inserted, and boot the machine, it locks
up at the Windows splash screen.  If I insert the card after the machine
finishes booting, it locks up shortly after making the "PCMCIA card
identified" noise.  This card definitely worked in the past.  My PCMCIA
modem works fine in the Libretto, and the NIC works fine in my other
laptop.  I could afford to replace this NIC, but I eventually want to use
a 802.11 NIC in the Libretto, as soon as I can afford it - and then I
would have a spare NIC.  Any thoughts on what might be going on, here?

Thanks for your help!

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