Hello ,

I'm trying compile&install libssh2 in RHEL7.2. One error msg as below when run 
./confure command.

openssl_1.1.0g has been installed in /usr/local/openssl. And the full command 
is :
[root]>./configure --with-openssl --with-libssl-prefix=/usr/local/openssl 
Get the following message:
checking for libssl ... no
configure:error: no crypto library found!
Try --with-libssl-prefix=PATH
or --with-libgcrypt-prefix=PATH
or --with-libmbedtls-prefix=PATH
or --with-wincng on windows

What's wrong? What shoul I do to complete the installation of libssh2? I am 
sure the OPENSSL lib has been installed in this machine and its lib&include 
files are ready there.

Thanks for your any help!

Samuel Zhao
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