Hi Samuel,

Samuel Zhao wrote:
> I'm trying compile&install libssh2 in RHEL7.2. One error msg as below when 
> run ./confure command.
> openssl_1.1.0g has been installed in /usr/local/openssl. And the full command 
> is :
> [root]>./configure --with-openssl --with-libssl-prefix=/usr/local/openssl 
> Get the following message:
> .....
> checking for libssl ... no
> configure:error: no crypto library found!
> Try --with-libssl-prefix=PATH
> or --with-libgcrypt-prefix=PATH
> or --with-libmbedtls-prefix=PATH
> or --with-wincng on windows
> What's wrong?  What shoul I do to complete the installation of
> libssh2?  I am sure the OPENSSL lib has been installed in this
> machine and its lib&include files are ready there.

It's not possible to say what's wrong without more information.

Please send the config.log file from the directory where you ran configure.
It may not go through to the list so you can add me in Cc: of that mail
and/or publish the file and send a link, for others to take a closer look.

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