Charles Wilson wrote:

Okay, here's the first bit. It's pretty simple. Testing is in progress (and in conjuction with the new argz fix I just posted to libtool-patches), but looks good so far: the "new" wrapper scripts are identical to "old" ones generated without this patch.

Test results -- old tests:
All 115 tests passed
(9 tests were not run) ---> gcc-3.4.5 doesn't supply gfortran, only g77.

Test results -- new tests. Unexpected failures:
 14: Java convenience archives       FAILED (
 16: Link order of deplibs.          FAILED (
 49: Run tests with low max_cmd_len  FAILED (
are actually not unexpected on cygwin. And certainly have nothing to do with this patch.

Actually, I think this is may be the best test conformance I've ever seen on cygwin...


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