* Charles Wilson wrote on Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 03:55:20AM CEST:
> [Added libtool-patches to CC list. Discussion of this patch
> should probably drop libtool and cygwin]


> Okay, here's the first bit. It's pretty simple. Testing is in progress (and 
> in conjuction with the new argz fix I just posted to libtool-patches), but 
> looks good so far: the "new" wrapper scripts are identical to "old" ones 
> generated without this patch.

Thanks.  Please resubmit with the new functions moved to right before
func_mode_link (or func_mode_install/func_mode_execute, in case you
intend to use them from inside them in a followup patch); there's a real
performance benefit to doing this for compile mode, as it saves the
shell from having to parse the functions in that case.  It may be lost
in the fork/exec overhead on w32, but on GNU/Linux, libtool compile mode
overhead is dominated by shell parsing (see the 2007-02-11 changes for a
30% execution time reduction this way).

Also, please use round parentheses as per GCS for referring to functions
in the ChangeLog entry.  I'll apply the reposted patch then.

Cheers, and thanks again,

> 2007-04-18  Charles Wilson  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>       * libltdl/config/ltmain.m4sh [func_mode_link]: move wrapper
>       script writing from here...
>       [func_emit_libtool_wrapper_script]: to this new function, and
>       write to stdout
>       [func_mode_link]: move cwrapper source code writing from here...
>       [func_emit_libtool_cwrapperexe_source]: to this new function,
>       and write to stdout
>       [func_mode_link]: call the two new functions and redirect to
>       appropriate file.

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