I spent a few hours today seeing how reasonable it would be to split the
~9,000 `' script into a collection of smaller `m4sugar' files to
make it a bit easier to read/maintain. This began as a way for me to get my
feet wet with modifying `', but I was pleasantly surprised by how
well it's been working out so far.

Notably I am strictly using `m4sugar', not `m4sh' which is more of a
challenge ( trying to port diversions and wrapper scripts is a large effort
); but I've followed the same general patterns that might make alignment
easier in the future.

I've essentially moved one function at a time into various categories of
sub-files, some associated with each mode, IO for printing messages,
file/path handling. Each function is placed in a "PREPARE" block with an
associated `m4_defun_init' which references it. This means these functions
are still available exactly as they were before as regular shell functions,
but the M4 wrappers now exist as alternates that could be aligned quite
easily with the rest of `autom4te' usage.

I've found that not only are things a bit easier to navigate now, but that
the use of `m4_require' blocks has made ordering the script's contents much

I integrated the generation of `' from `' into the
appropriate bootstrap and build files such that `' is packaged as
it was before - so `' is effectively only relevant for
maintainers or people making extensions.

Test suite matches an unmodified branch as well which is good.

I thought I had seen in some TODO notes that other maintainers had been
working on reorganizing `', so I wanted to poke my head in and see
if there was an existing branch doing this sort of works, or if this was
something that anyone thinks would be useful as a project branch? Right now
I just have it living in a fork
of the GitHub mirror. I imagined uploading patches would be pretty
difficult to read since there's so many files created and snippets moved,
but if anyone prefers to check things out that way let me know.

Thanks for reading!

Alex Ameen

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