On 17/10/16 19:59, Gonzalo Diethelm wrote:
I am wondering how one goes about plugging a library into libuv. For
example, I am playing around with MariaDB's connector, which supports
querying a MariaDB / MySQL database in async mode. You can see more
here: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/using-the-non-blocking-library/

Basically, for each blocking operation XXX this library gives you two
functions: XXX_start(), which initiates the operation, and XXX_cont(),
which should be called when the underlying file descriptor has indicated
the operation could (partially) progress. It is very straightforward and
event loop-ready; they provide a libevent-based example.

So, what is the correct approach to incorporate this library into libuv,
so that from a libuv loop I could multiplex between doing file I/O,
socket I/O and MariaDB-based I/O?

I have never attempted that integration, but if it provides a file descriptor based interface you can use uv_poll_t http://docs.libuv.org/en/v1.x/poll.html and call the appropriate library functions when the fd is readable / writable.

That's for example how c-ares is integrated with libuv in Node.


Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

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