> Speaking of which: I've run into a fairly major problem with
> the Leap 15.1 support enabled by this patch: while unattended
> installation works as expected on my laptop (Fedora 31), when I try
> the same steps on the CentOS CI production environment (CentOS 7.5)
> it doesn't seem to find or recognize the autoinst.xml file: instead,
> I get a "please make sure your installation medium is available"
> message and the chance to input the information manually, which is
> obviously not what we want :) I'll try to figure out what's going
> wrong tomorrow.

So, the error you're facing is not because the autoinst.xml file is
not recognised. It happens because the installation source is not

virt-install 1.5.0, which is the version present on CentOS 7.5,
doesn't seem to know the proper kernel URL argument to be passed to
different distros. So far it worked because it uses "method=URL",
which is what both CentOS 7 / Fedora (the ones we care about) use and
Ubuntu / Debian are special with regard to this.

OpenSUSE, though, requires "install=URL" to be passed. As it doesn't
happen, the installation asks for a specific installation source.

Okay, the way to go, IMHO, is patching lcitool to:
- Have a kernel-url-argument as part of the distro definition;
- Mount the extra-args based on that;

Mind that "method=" will always be appended but as long as we provide
the "install=" to the kernel command line, we're fine.

I'll cook some patches in the afternoon and post them.

An important question ... can't we have / use a CentOS 8 machine?
Would be lovely to not have to work those issues around on lcitool.

Best Regards,
Fabiano Fidêncio

> [1] guests/playbooks/update/tasks/packages.yml
> --
> Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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