> It sounds like we can just provide install= unconditionally, same as
> we currently do with ks=? We'd have to verify doing so doesn't cause
> any unintended side-effects for existing guest types.

I'd rather have it done in a more explicit way, just for the sake of
someone else trying to debug / understand the code later on.

> (Incidentally, didn't CentOS 8 also require passing the installation
> URL explicitly based on your tests, or something like that?

That's a different issue. :-)
CentOS 8 explicitly requires the URL to be set in the kickstart file.
That's another issue, to be solved another day ...

> We need
> to get around to adding that OS to CI too at some point O:-)

... most likely when we add CentOS 8 VMs. :-)

> >
> > An important question ... can't we have / use a CentOS 8 machine?
> > Would be lovely to not have to work those issues around on lcitool.
> I'd love that as well, but I'm afraid that's out of our hands since
> the CentOS CI machines are handled by the CentOS CI folks... We could
> try asking nicely and see what happens :) But in the short term
> having a workaround in lcitool is definitely the way to go.

I see.

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