On 02/13/2018 01:25 PM, Peter Crowther wrote:
> Why do you reckon this is to do with your virtualisation system (presumably 
> qemu/kvm, though you don't say) rather than Windows 10?

The past conversation in this thread indicated an interplay issue between Win10 
and libvirt.

(and yes, it's qemu/kvm. My apologies, this is a continued thread subject 
hopefully searchable showing this was covered.)

While one could say there are plenty of systems out there running Win10 
natively without this problem (although from what I've read on MS's forums, may 
this is arguable)...

I figured I'd start here first since the previous discussion did indicate there 
were some past issues LibVirt could do better to deal with Win10.

The folks here are wayyyyyy more competent about the interaction than what I'd 
be able to find on MS website.



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