>>but, I know little about $initializer. When is that undefined?
>>Still investigating. Trudging on and on. Sigh. It's gotta be
>>simpler than this, and I'm just a moron.

For the sake of completeness, here is where
I left off with the non-working test case:

 #!/usr/bin/perl -w
 use strict;
 use HTTP::Daemon;
 use CGI 2.50 qw/:standard :cgi-lib/;

 print "CGI: $CGI::VERSION\n";
 print "HTTP: $HTTP::Daemon::VERSION\n";

 my $d = HTTP::Daemon->new || die;
 print "Please contact me at: <URL:", $d->url, ">\n";

 while (my $c = $d->accept) {
     while (my $r = $c->get_request) {

 my $post_content = $r->content;
 my ($boundary) = split(/\n/, $post_content); chop($boundary);
 $ENV{'CONTENT_TYPE'} = $r->content_type . "; boundary=$boundary";

 $ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'} = $r->method;
 print "request method: $ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'}\n";

 $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'} = $r->content_length;
 print "request method: $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'}\n";

       print $r->content;
       my $form_parameters;
       if ( $r->uri =~ /\?/ ) {
         $form_parameters = $r->uri;
         $form_parameters =~ s/[^\?]+\?(.*)/$1/;
       } else { $form_parameters = $r->content; }
       $CGI::Q = new CGI( );
       my $param = param("hello");
       print "I saw: $param\n";

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