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On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Marius Amado Alves wrote:

> Thanks all for having putting up with this blockhead. I think I advanced 
> a bit. I make a fool of myself here and there. I only hope I'm a fool on 
> a hill.

glad to watch the show, i learned a few things too watching ...

> My vision is: free the software,

yup, a good goal

> but every author gets paid his 
> share when the software generates revenue. 

that portion of revenue to authors should be off the top, not after
everybody takes their nickel and dimes out of it with nothing left over

i doubt any GPL author gets paid $$ from commercial entities using
their GPL code ...
        ( to me, that's wrong, and i doubt it was the intent that
        ( large big-5 computer companies get to make a fortune on
        ( the work of GPL authors

        - how to see that originating authors and derivatives get their
        share is a good trick question

some folks gets their share of the pie, because the distributors
wants patches and fixes and new features ???

the people that are making the $$$ are the distributors and retailers
and system integrators with converting from xxx to linux-based solutions

waiting for the day when GPL starts to go non-commercial :-)

when it'd be harder for non-gpl (binary only) products ( eg. video and nic
drivers ) that (tries to) runs with any generic "linux box" and one
has no way to fix the bugs .. :-)

c ya

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