On 12/19/2011 12:27 PM, Robin 'Roblimo' Miller wrote:
> If Fedora is tracking 300+ open source licenses, and the OSI has
> approved ~70, what's up with that?

Simply put, many licenses were never submitted for OSI approval, some
because they pre-date the OSI, some out of ignorance, and some simply
out of disinterest. Arguably, the most common FOSS licenses are known
and approved of by the OSI.

Fedora has not written its own software license (nor are we the author
of any of the licenses we track(1)), so we're not the appropriate entity
to submit what we find to the OSI for approval.

Fedora Project

1: While Fedora is not, Red Hat is, at least in one case that I can
think of, the abominable Liberation Fonts License. I cannot speak at all
as to why the OSI has not reviewed/approved it, although, I suspect it
will not be offered up at any time for consideration in the near future
by Red Hat.
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