Re configgy.

I think it is a great balance between properties and xml, like pragmatic xml.
Simple as properties but with nesting, hierarchies, type conversions,
good override and defaults system (inheritance).
It also has notification of changes and a JMX API for management
(which I have not used yet).


2009/6/9 Jonas Bonér <>:
>>> First I like the printf-style logging API, similar to slf4j. Nice to
>>> use plus better performance.
>> We can add that to Lift's logger (which can sit on top of slf4j)
> That would be great.
>> Also, note that all of Lift's logger parameters are call-by-name so there's
>> no evaluation unless the log level is met.
> Ok, I didn't know that. Great. That's the way to do it.
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Jonas Bonér

twitter: @jboner

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