Over at 
I could not help poking a little fun.

Perhaps someone could set me right on just what it would take to
configure a site to output non-HTML web content.

The markup that I use is almost 10 years old and comes out of the MIT
tradition: Curl from developers.curl.com (no, not cURL from haxx.se )

Curl is elegant.  Curl is one language in place of many. And it is a
client-side only framework.  It need not be seen as in competition
with Scala.

Where is it easy to output Curl instead of XHTML or HTML?  Well, PHP,
for one. Or plain old CGI.
All that is needed is access to the HTTP header.  Nothing in HTTP
dictates XML.  And it must be possible to replace any XML prolog with
the curl applet expression.  And block the emission of a DOCTYPE.
Django takes a little effort and setting aside response shortcuts (at
least for now.)  Some web frameworks look to be non-starters.  Which
is not so good for big corp's in Japan and Korea and perhaps soon in
Chine and other parts of the Far East and Pacific Rim if not even the
sub-continent.  Not to mention Africa.

But requiring every template to run through an XML-parser?  Hmm. We do
seem tightly coupled to our XML ... a gift from Maven?  I wouldn't

Drupal is a challenge, but do-able.  Seaside for Smalltalk was a
challenge, but is now do-able.  Wicket is almost elegant in offering
alternatives to its HTML folder.

But I am sure that with Scala Traits that there is a simple solution
without awkward configuration and without leaving one-touch Maven
installs behind.  Somewhere in the architectonic of arche-types
someone knows how to prevent autochthonous XML.


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