My company is looking for an explanation of how Lift is secure.

I recall reading a comment saying that Lift deals well with most of
the Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities (
Top_10_2007), but how?  Most, not all?  Are there strategies that are
recommended to deal with the weaknesses?

I am very interested in a Wiki post that explains how Lift addresses
the top 10 vulnerabilities.  (No pressure, but I needed this
yesterday.)  Please point me to any existing resource/documentation
that explains this.

Very often, I see points that mention how secure Lift is, and I
certainly appreciate the fact that Lift promotes security as a core
initiative.  I can also see how secure it is compared to other
strategies (yeah, you heard me ColdFusion!).  Keep up the good work.

Does anybody have experience submitting Lift Apps to third party
security assessment or vulnerability analysis?  Any tips from that

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