Just want to add to this. web.py is a Python web development framework
that I like a lot, for its simplicity. In about 10 lines of code you can have
a complete, albeit simple, web application. No XML whatsoever.


Hope no one is offended by my mentioning a Python web framework on
Lift list. Just want to say that things can be short and simple as well
as easy to understand and easy to use.

Of course the dynamic languages have their known issues, which is
what drives me to Scala and Lift.

> And too few operators leads to a whole lot of words, which leads to a whole
> lot of typing, or a whole lot of ctrl-space completions.  It's a toss up.
> The wordy way is definitely noob friendly, while the operator way is more
> expert friendly.
> Which do you design a language for?  Let me know when that particular
> religious war dies down please.
> As someone who slings code for a living.... the less I type the happier I
> am..... YMMV

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