I am proud to announce the release of Akka 0.6. It is a major release in
many ways.
Many people have made this happen. Especially the great
team<http://doc.akkasource.org/team> but
also many of the users on the mailing list.
Thank you all.

Download Akka 0.6

The full release notes is available at
but here is a summary of the highlights.

   - New STM impl with a declarative, a high-order fun and a monadic API
   - New persistence module backends; Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, works with
   - Much improved performance; Akka is now 2-3 times faster than Scala
   Actors (both event and thread-based) in
   http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/ benchmark.
   - Much improved memory footprint; an Actor consumes ~600 bytes, can now
   create 6.5 million on 4 G RAM
   - Much improved Remote Actors; reconnect, compression, implicit sender,
   supervision across nodes etc.
   - Comet bindings for Actors
   - REST bindings for Actors
   - Cluster Membership protocol; nodes find each other automatically,
   simple API
   - Security module; HTTP digest and Kerberos
   - Many new Serializers; SBinary, JSON, Protobuf etc.
   - AMQP integration
   - Lift integration
   - Spring integration (in progress)
   - Guice integration
   - Microkernel

New home at http://akkasource.org
<http://akkasource.org>New docs at http://doc.akkasource.org
New tutorial at http://jonasboner.com/2010/01/04/introducing-akka.html

Feedback is most welcome. Join the mailing list and help us make it better.

Jonas Bonér

twitter: @jboner
blog:    http://jonasboner.com
work:   http://scalablesolutions.se
code:   http://github.com/jboner
code:   http://akkasource.org
also:    http://letitcrash.com


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