David and everone,
Some time ago we discussed on this list what it would take to have Schemifier 
generate foreign key constraints. The obvious reason why it doesn't currently 
is because the relevant flag on all the DriverTypes is set to false.
Derek was going to work on it but he got busy and didn't get far. Now, I 
personally, on my local repository, enabled foreign key generation for H2 and 
it seems to have worked fine (although it gave me plenty of work manually 
fixing the integrity of my client's database so the keys could be generated 
In order for the tests to be successful, I had to change my ManyToManySpecs (if 
that's what it's called) to use a dummy DriverType with FK generation off, so 
it could test ManyToMany with broken joins.
In any case, my quesion is, what criteria have to be fulfilled to push this 
(besides ReviewBoard approval obviously :) )?
What level of testing?
I assume it should be controllable with a flag that should, at least 
temporarily, be false. What form should this setting take?
What other features should be supported? Different ON UPDATE/DELETE actions?
Note that this is not the most immediate thing on my plate but I did already 
start as mentioned.

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