It's looking like Scala 2.8 RC8 will become 2.8 Beta1 on Tuesday.

I'd like to get the Lift 2.8 branch up to date (and keep it up to date) with
the 2.0-SNAPSHOT branch as well as getting continuous builds on Hudson and
deployment in the snapshots directory.

I think our best bet to get the 2.8 branch up to date with 2.0-SNAPSHOT is
to restart the port based on the work that Heiko is doing:

I have time to do the mindless work of doing the port tonight (my brain will
explode if it has to think, but mindless is okay).


   - Heiko -- how far along is the stuff in issue 292?  Is this code on the
   irc_issue_292 branch? Can I work on this branch tonight?
   - Indrajit -- Do you have the multi-thingy pom.xml stuff set up so we can
   build a 2.7.7 version and a 2.8 version with different names (2.0-SNAPSHOT
   and 2.0_S28-SNAPSHOT) from the same source tree?  What's the timing for
   getting Hudson all prepared?


David (who is very serious about making Lift on Scala 2.8 very successful)

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