First of all, let me take the complete opposite stance observed from
one of the most reason posts from a "Rails Junkie". I'm very excited
to see a framework that takes the good from so many different projects
and houses it under a language that does the same. I find it
refreshing to have the powerful tools developed around Java available
for development in this new Scala language and the Lift framework. No
matter how much one hates the design choices and the verbosity of the
most popular platform in our lifetime, it is only a benefit that we
have access to the years of effort devoted to it. The powerful
compiler behind Scala is my sole reason for preferring it to ports
like JRuby and Groovy.

Now to the point of my query, what is the activity and excitement
levels around lift at this point? I understand that money drives the
world and to make a framework successful one must market like Rails
and make some bank to promote future maintenance and improvements.

I notice the last production quality release was over a year ago; I do
notice there have been much more frequent updates to say the wiki and
the work on the 1.1 milestones. It just seems strange that a minor
release on such a young project would taking such a long time. This is
a completely naive view of what is going on, and this is why i post
this query because I want to be disproven so I can feel comfortable
suggesting the use of this framework for the long term.

Thanks for letting me take some of your time away from more important
things :). I just figured seeing this was a question in my mind,
others thinking about using the framework might have the same

-- Martin

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