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Gerry is still having a problem:
Thank you for the reply!

1. Changing the wallpaper in xfdesktop and back didn't do anything :-(    -- 
and that is a usual way for me to push a background change from my desktop out 
to the login screen.
2. What is the effect that that change has on the accountsservices data that 
lightdm picks up on?
3. How would one do this with gnome-shell (which the clean install of bionic 
that I mentioned before uses) or any other desktop environment?

In the past, I dug into the xfdesktop dbus interaction to figure out how
to propagate a non-DE background change to accountsservices using a
shell script so lightdm would pick it up.  So I  still know how that
works, but that must not be this.... what is the difference in lightdm
that you refer to?

Is there a change in lightdm.conf that has to accompany the [greeter
]\nuser-background=true setting in lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf?

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