Good morning Eugene,

> how about using of Chernoff Faces to identify node’s public key? Since humans 
> are best fit to recognize small changes in faces and to remember them. 

Why do humans have this circuitry?
Such strange objects...
One could wonder about sentients without such circuitry.
They would not be served well by this.
(Notice the use of "they" here. I am not such a sentient since I am human. 
Thus, the use of "they" in the above setence.)

A side effect of this would be that humans would obsessively reroll their 
pubkey until they acquire a face they like.
This will be a source of much amusement and so on.
For this reason alone, I highly approve this suggestion.


> To achieve avalanche effect from changing a private key to produce much 
> different face, one can just plug node’s public key into a cryptographic hash 
> function and then plug a result into Chernoff Face generator, thus making  a 
> public key change very easy to notice.
> Вкл вс, дек. 23, 2018 в 21:49, Pavol Rusnak via Lightning-dev 
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> > Hi all!
> >
> > Currently, when I perform a payment via QR code, I usually check the
> > payee node id (public key) in the send dialog. However, this is a rather
> > long hex value, so for example Eclair app shows just the beginning and
> > the end of the value.
> >
> > Idea: Can we show an identicon (for example of
> > payee node id (= public key) next to the QR code, so user can visually
> > quickly check whether the recipient is correct?
> >
> > We'd need to add this to UI of all Lightning user-facing wallets to make
> > sense, though.
> >
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