Regarding this subject, I believe I should disclose that my current
employer, Bitonic, operates an evil, centralized, trusted exchange, and
that the ideas discussed in this thread may be related to concepts that
are actually being developed by my employer.

So, am I biased? Who knows? Does it matter? Can you trust me? Maybe,
but I guess you shouldn't anyway. In my view, words should be
convincing or unconvincing regardless of who speaks them. 


CJP schreef op vr 28-12-2018 om 09:27 [+0100]:
> Hi ZmnSCPxj,
> I think we've already addressed this issue before:
> 12
> 92.html
> and especially this proposal of me:
> It's not completely trustless, but I tend to see trustlessness in a
> very pragmatic sense anyway. Trust creates a risk, but if the
> alternative trustless system is very impractical, and the risk is
> small
> enough, the benefits might simply be worth the risks. Note that this
> is
> a completely subjective trade-off, so it is only acceptable on an
> individual, voluntary basis.
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