Good morning Rusty,

> So we need a web way of asking a client to send an invoice or offer over
> HTTPS. Is this a new URI scheme? How would this work?

I thought that offers would work over LN alone?

When you first proposed the offers, I thought it was this way:

1.  Payee gives BOLT12 offer to Payer.
2.  Payer generates a completely new random preimage and computes its hash.
3.  Payer issues a payment along an LN route from Payer to Payee using its 
random hash.
4.  At the payee hop, the onion packet contains some identifying information 
from the BOLT12 offer.
5.  Payee generates a BOLT11 invoice.
6.  Payee sends back an error packet, which includes the BOLT11 invoice.
7.  Payer receives the error packet that includes the BOLT11 invoice.
8.  Payer pays using the BOLT11 invoice.

Intermediate nodes remain unaware of this new feature and do not require 
A node issuing a BOLT12 offer would implicitly signal its support for this 
feature by the simple fact of being able to issue the BOLT12 offer.
A node that can understand a BOLT12 offer implicitly means it supports this 

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