Good morning Rusty,

> Yes. But how does the payee know to give the bolt12 offer to the payer?
> That's the piece that's missing here, which is actually independent.

Ah, I understand now.

In the context of this thread, payer is a service, while payee is user.
So I presume an HTTPS PUT or POST request, with the payer providing the HTTPS 

> > Intermediate nodes remain unaware of this new feature and do not require 
> > upgrades.
> That works if we use a fake "payment" like this to get the real invoice.
> Be nicer to use a real message format though, as it's less overhead for
> everyone and faster.

While good for back-compatibility, it indeed has the above drawback of overhead.
Perhaps it is early enough that rolling out a new feature that must needs be 
"sufficiently universal" is still plausible.

Might it be possible to use SURBs as in the other thread?

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