Dear ZmnSCPxj and fellow lightning developers,

I want to point out two things and make a suggestion for a new gossip

A good pruning heuristic is "channel capacity", which can be checked
> onchain (the value of the UTXO backing the channel is the channel capacity).
> It is good to keep channels with large capacity in the routemap, because
> such large channels are more likely to successfully route a payment than
> smaller channels.
> So it is reasonable to delete channels with low capacity when the routemap
> memory is becoming close to full.

Intuitively (without simulation). I encourage to make that process not
deerministic but rather probabilistic. It would be good if everyone had a
different set of channels. (which is somewhat achieved with everyone
keeping their local view)

Nodes still need to track their direct channels (so they are implicitly
> always in the routemap).

I strongly advice that the local view should be extended. Every node should
always track their friends of a friend network. Maybe we could even create
a new gossip query message `query_ask_egonetwork` that asks for the
egonetwork of a node (the egonetwork are all the direct friends of a node
together with their friendships) every node knows at least the nodes in
their ego network and over time also the edges between them.

If I was interested in my friend of a friend network I could just send the
`query_ask_egonetwork` message to all my peers.

Best Rene

But payee nodes making BOLT1 invoices could also provide `r` routes in the
> invoice, with the given routes being from nodes with high-capacity
> channels, so that even if the intermediate channels are pruned due to low
> capacity, it is possible to get paid.
> Regards,
> ZmnSCPxj
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