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>> I would be happy to hear suggestions for the name of this command.
> Esteemed LilyPond developers,
> Thank you for the voluminous feedback.  It is encouraging to hear that a 
> solution using unique IDs would not be considered overkill.  I plan to 
> resurrect my initial work on it, though not tonight.
> LilyPond already supports labeling points in the score with integer IDs using 
> \mark.  I don’t see a good reason to add a new command for the same task; 
> however, I would like to extend \mark to support symbolic labels like #'segno 
> with the syntax \mark <symbol> <markup>.  I hope I can figure out how to make 
> that work.
> For instructions like “D.C.,” my favorite suggestion is \jump
> <number-or-symbol> <markup>.  “Jump” is short, and as with “mark,” the
> user can decide for himself whether it is a verb or a noun.

Wouldn't it rather be \jump <key-list> <markup> ?  The whole point of
repeat constructs being that they do something different every time (or
we'll never end anyway).

David Kastrup

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