>>>> [... replacing] 2.12.6 [... with] 2.12.93 indeed provides ~100x
>>>> improvement and builds the cache on my system in 600ms.
>>> This was a report of using fontconfig on Windows, IIRC.  So my
>>> question: Does the Windows tarball of lilypond contain a recent
>>> fontconfig version?
>> According to
>> https://github.com/gperciva/gub/blob/master/gub/specs/fontconfig.py
>> it's 2.12.1.
> Should we upgrade?  Masamichi-san?

For LilyPond 2.21, we should upgrade fontconfig, in my humble opinion.
But, for LilyPond 2.20, I'm wondering whether we should upgrade or not.

If I understand correctly, the new fontconfig has significant changes.

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