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> On 2020/03/22 05:51:34, lemzwerg wrote:
>> https://codereview.appspot.com/547810069/diff/575870045/GNUmakefile.in
>> File GNUmakefile.in (right):
> https://codereview.appspot.com/547810069/diff/575870045/GNUmakefile.in#newcode26
>> Many GNU packages auto-generate a ChangeLog file from the git commit
> messages. 
>> Shall we do something similar?
> What is the ChangeLog used for these days?

Checking what changes are relevant for the distributed version.

> Many GNU packages haven't been with the times. Git is now 14 years old.
> I people want to know what changed, they can read the man page to
> git-log.

That assumes that they don't have an official and versioned distribution
of LilyPond (or of some fork of it) but rather a clone of the repository
corresponding to their version of Git.  The GPL does not guarantee that
modified source comes with full repository access to back it.  Merely
the _current_ corresponding source.

That's the reason "many GNU packages auto-generate a ChangeLog file from
the git commit messages".  The decision to do that has been made after
considerable discussion and the respective tools have been developed.

It's not like decision and implementation of such a policy would happen
in a vacuum and be unprecedented, so the cost of implementing such a
policy would be considerably more moderate than if we had to do it from

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