> @format
> @exampleindent 0
> @verbatim
> \relative {
> a4 b c d
> }
> @end verbatim
> @end format
> [...]
> What I do not understand here: The @verbatim environment is not
> indented by default, as far as I can see.  What is the reason to set
> '@exampleindent 0', here?
> (And the enclosing @format environment to scope the effect of
> @exampleindent 0)

I think this was implemented to work around bugs in older texinfo
distributions.  In particular, the `makeinfo` binary and the
`texinfo.tex` file often did different things; IIRC, the code above
ensured identical behaviour for HTML, info, and PDF output.

This has improved a lot meanwhile and could be simplified.


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