In a score that I am preparing I have used the following command to change
the color of the LyricText element:

\override Lyrics.LyricText.color = #grey  

I noticed that the hyphens in the LyricText were still black.

It occurred to me that maybe the color of the hyphens has to be set
separately. I started typing '\override Lyrics.Hyphen.color'  but
Frescobaldi's syntax highlighting didn't process that, so I skipped trying
to compilie that, and I tried:

\override Lyrics.LyricText.LyricHyphen.color = #grey

Frescobaldi syntax highlighting did process that, and sure enough that
command was accepted by the Lilypond score compiler. Yay!   
(And hurray for Frescobaldi!)

My question is out of sheer curiosity:
How did this situation come about?
Surely the hyphens in the lyrics are part of the LyricText. 
Why is the color of the hyphens a separate override?

Colin Tennyson

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