> The latter seem to be dealt with sufficiently by working with Midi and
> external tool chains: after all, the main point of LilyPond is turning a
> music description to an equivalent output. Though _if_ outputs can
> reasonably easy be defined in Scheme, being able to control most of the
> external tool chain from inside a LilyPond file in a manner synchronized
> to the music might make for a nicer interface.

That's my motivation. I don't want to turn LilyPond into what it has not been 
intended to be, but by simply having a more meaningful output, it could really 
help external tools. I'm heavily focused on the SVG output, here. Paul made a 
great contribution to lilypond-html-live-score by re-implementing the whole 
timing calculation in scheme and now I'm simply looking for a way to put extra 
attributes in <g> tags. I tried to (re)define start-enclosing-node-id but id 
doesn't work as I believe backend scheme code might be loaded after input files 
have been processed. Thus my question about custom backends. But if someone 
knows how to redefine a backend scheme function, please let me know :)



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