Am 20.09.2016 um 17:31 schrieb Mathieu Demange:
> Hi Urs,
>> is it possible that you didn't notice this:
> Oh my! I see I'm lacking some "what's up with Lily" bookmarks, right now...
> That's exactly it! Thanks Urs! And thanks Paul!
> I'm curious about Lily dev cycle. AFAIK this patch is simple, effective, 
> clean and respectful (regression tests, documentation, convert-ly, etc), so I 
> really wonder if it'll make its way, and how fast? I mean, I (very humbly) 
> think even I could have done something like that but I was kind of scary 
> about even touching LilyPond itself. That's very encouraging me to (at least 
> try) if that's really "that easy" and welcome, I guess.

There's a fixed review cycle (controlled by automated tests) of
new->review->countdown->push. That means if a patch isn't debated it
usually takes a few days until it can be pushed (and will then be
included in the next dev release automatically).
Changes required during review *may* be integrated along the ways, or
they *may* force you to restart from the beginning, even shortly before
you expect to get the "push" signal ...

In any case it's worth a try. For first patches it's a good idea to
signal your intentions *before* doing any coding, just to avoid


> Cheers,
> Mathieu

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