Am 22.09.2016 um 13:39 schrieb Pierre Perol-Schneider:
> Hi Urs,
> Really nice, congrats!
> One thing: Last year I had a discussion about how to draw flat slurs
> (see:
> Do you thing you could integrate such option in your function, I mean a
> simple - but really strait - line in between slurs ?

That should be possible (within the limits of what Simon responded -
OTOH Carl Sorensen already mentioned how that could be overcome).

I see two alternative approaches, although the second won't always help
with *that*.

allow a special value 'straight as an inflection's "angle" property.
This will then make the handle point to the next point. When the angle
of the next point is 0 then you should have a straight line.
The problem with this is that when the angle is determined the next
point isn't known yet, and when that next point becomes known the
control point left of the current inflection has already been calculated.
I'll have to look into this, but it should be possible to re-calculate
the left point.

Currently the angle at an inflection is given as relative to the
previous segment's baseline. I like this because it gives quite
predictable results, but it could be extended by optional behaviours:
A general or local option could interpret angles at an inflection as
relative to the whole slur's baseline, or even as absolute angles
(relative to horizontal). This may in *some* cases simplify the
construction of flat segments, but I can imagine there are situations
where this might be useful in general.

Urs Liska

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