Am 12.08.2017 um 09:38 schrieb John Kinell:
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to use this snippet, but
the \hideNotes command leaves ties and slurs in the "dummy melody", which
means that all ties and slurs in my score seem "double exposed". Tried both
stable and development version.

Am I doing something stupid?

Not really but \hideNotes hides only notes and rests (NoteHeads, Dots, LedgerLines, Accidentals, Stems (and Flags and Beams), Rests). Try \hide Tie and \hide Slur.

Hide everything:
\hide Slur
\hide Tie

Show everything again:
\undo \hide Slur
\undo \hide Tie

Or use \once if you only want to hide one note, slur, tie:
\once \hideNotes
\once \hide Slur
\once \hide Tie

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