Hello all,

I'd like to share what I'm been working on lately.  Daahoud Salim, a
young Spanish composer and pianist has been commited by the Grachten
Festival Amsterdam to compose a short work for one main violin plus
piano quintet (string quartet plus piano), named "Poem - History of
Peoples", and it's going to be premiered tomorrow as a part of the
festival programme.

Players will be Rosanne Philippens (soloist, and dedicatee) and the
Aristos Quartet with D. Salim itself on the piano (links below).

Of course, what is relevant to LilyPond is that I offered to prepare
all the playing materials as a copyist from the composer's manuscript
(a PDF from Finale) as well as a score for a potential publishing.
It's my first work of copying I can label as serious. Many
difficulties arose and technical challenges were present, but I
learned a lot from the whole process and the result is very

My work of typesetting is licensed as CC-BY-SA and all the code and
rendered PDFs are freely avalilable for downloading. The work itself
is also free to perform and redistribute. I will share a link to the
whole thing (not before the premiere, though). So, stay tuned! I will
thank any comments.

Grachtenfestival Amsterdam
Poem: History of Peoples

Sunday 13 August / 20:30
Salim, D.: Poem: History of Peoples
Chausson, E: Poème
Ravel, M.: Violin Sonata no. 2 in G major

Daahoud Salim
piano, composer

Rosanne Philippens

Aristos Quartet
Evelien Jaspers - Dmitry Ivanov - Sylvain Dessane - Otto Bakker

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)
paconet.org , csmbadajoz.com

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