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It is not really endless but the tab does not have any line break. If I try to insert \break this will be ignored? There must be something wrong with my code I cannot figure out?

Thanks for help

\version "2.19.80"
        \new TabStaff {
        \set TabStaff.tablatureFormat = #fret-number-tablature-format-banjo
         \set TabStaff.stringTunings = #banjo-open-g-tuning
        %\set TabStaff.stringTunings = #(four-string-banjo banjo-c-tuning)

 cis'''16\1 c'''16.\1 b''8\1 ais''8.\1 a''4\1 gis''4.\1 g''2\1 fis''2.\1 f''1\1 e''1.\1 dis''\1 d''\1 cis''\1 c''\1 b'\1 ais'\1 a'\1 gis'\1 g'\1 fis'\1 f'\1 e'\1 dis'\1 d'\1 g'\3 ais''\2 a''\2 e'\3 g''\2 fis''\2 f''\2 e''\2 dis''\2 d''\2 cis''\2 c''\2 b'\2 ais'\2 a'\2 gis'\2 g'\2 fis'\2 f'\2 e'\2 dis'\2 d'\2 cis'\2 c'\2 b\2 g'\3 fis'\3 f'\3 e'\3 dis'\3 d'\3 cis'\3 c'\3 b\3 ais\3 a\3 gis\3 g\3 d'\4 cis'\4 c'\4 b\4 ais\4 a\4 gis\4 g\4 fis\4 f\4 e\4 dis\4 d\4 d\4 dis\4 e\4 f\4 fis\4 g\4 gis\4 a\4 ais\4 b8\4 < c'\4 cis'\4 d'\4 >4 < g''\5 gis''\5 a''\5 ais''\5 >8             }

First, that’s gruesome code formatting. Use line breaks to make your code readable by splitting it into chunks that one may sensibly grasp.
Second, use bar checks in order to find rhythmic typos/errors.
Third, if you want breaks mid-note, use \remove "Forbid_line_break_engraver".

Best, Simon

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