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> Harm, I've been thinking about this, and perhaps you have an idea of how the
> following can be achieved.
> A consequence of explicitly stating the degree in which the stencil has to
> be rotated is that if anything changes the spacing of that system it's very
> likely that the degree of rotation will have to be manually tweaked. I was
> thinking on how to achieve an "automatic" solution. I imagine that this
> could be done by establishing two points of reference. In this example any
> two points running along the Beam would serve, although the ending points of
> two of the Stems would work just as well.
> But all this assumes that every object has a distinct name/ID/whatever, like
> a pointer to it which allows to recover information on it, or at least that
> one can be given. Do you know if this is possible?

Within a callback for Hairpin.stencil, you can get to the Beam grob by
following pointers from the spanner bounds of the Hairpin.  You can
then calculate the Beam's slope and use that information to rotate the
Hairpin stencil.

\version "2.19.65"

#(define test
   (lambda (grob)
     (let* ((lb (ly:spanner-bound grob LEFT))
            (rb (ly:spanner-bound grob RIGHT))
            (stil (ly:hairpin::print grob))
             (find (lambda (b)
                     (grob::has-interface b 'note-column-interface))
               (list lb rb))))
       (if (ly:grob? bound)
           (let* ((stem (ly:grob-object bound 'stem))
                  (beam (ly:grob-object stem 'beam)))
             (if (ly:grob? beam)
                 (let* ((X-pos (ly:grob-property beam 'X-positions))
                        (Y-pos (ly:grob-property beam 'positions))
                        (ang (atan (- (cdr Y-pos) (car Y-pos))
                               (- (cdr X-pos) (car X-pos)))))
                    stil (* ang (/ 180 PI)) CENTER CENTER))

  \override Hairpin.stencil = #test
  c'16\< e' g' b'\!
  b'16\< g' e' c'\!
  \once \offset positions #'(0 . 3) Beam
  c'16^\< e' g' b'\!
  \override Beam.breakable = ##t
  c'8[\< e' \break g' b']\!

Hope this gets you started...


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